Sunday, September 26, 2010

Behind the Scenes with The Rebels...

This group of lads, more commonly known as the 'League of Rebels' have got well tailored pieces and creative fashion views so i thought to take a check on their work. I totally love the suits and the fit is to die for. Like a lady friend put it "Fits like a glove"... not that kinda glove though! :) keep your mind out the gutter.

It's cool to see what young Nigerians boys are doing these days, thought they aren't all Nigerians as it's a diverse group of friends who own and control the brand.

    Having the opportunity to work with the fellows as a Stylist for their Fall 2009 Ad Campaign i got up-close with the designers, getting a direct feel of their pieces, and it was really great and fun. The setting and attitude of the owners certainly flows and reflects in the brand. 'Fun, chilled and all about having a good time while looking 'really good'. Though it was serious business once on the set, however the Champagne, beers and wine flowed right off the set in the back lounge. Young professionals from make-up stylists to photographers, models and fashion stylists hung out and certainly defined the beautiful and fun aspect of working in the fashion industry.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fashion Police - Hennessy celebrates Nigeria @ 50

Catching up with the fellows on the Red Carpet as Hennessy celebrates Nigeria @ 50 !!!!


Spotting a cool look but more for hanging at the malls and not rocking the Red Carpet. Ideally, the one nice item is the Blazer but that does not totally help the look in this situation.

                             Kehinde Okunoren

The fellow plays it safe with all black and different coloured Blazer to pop out. The look really isn't all out dashing but the fellow understands proportion and knows how to spot a good Blazer. The Blazer is well fitted and well cut and the button pops out as a perfect accessory. His pants are right on target.. unlike most guys we see with too many breaks. one word "Measurement".

                                   Ade Egunjobi

Simply spotting black and white sure doesn't complete the job!
The major issue, SIZE !!!!!! That suit is clearly over-sized. Find your size dude! and we've quite gone a little past the three-button suit (at least in this style) and those shoes need to go..
A single plus would be that he fixed the right button!

                                   Toks Akerele 

The fellow is spot on! The fit is right, looks really sharp and the beard enhances the looks.


Now here's a fellow that can rock a Red Carpet. What can i say? This dude has style. Simple and elegant!
I totally admire the look which is really sharp and accessoried with the new man's earing's, 'Coloured Stockings !!!!!!'
Dudes, pay attention to this fellow and learn. When it comes to looks at least!

                                Frank Edoho

                      Ice Prince, Jesse Jagz & MI

                    Olaotan Towry-Coker

                        Dolapo Oni

                                 Steve BabaEko

                                     Soni Irabor 


Bracing the coming season !!!

Summer is almost clearly over and the showers have slowly begun!
Umbrella - Paul Smith
Suit - League of Rebels

Still, this fall Grey / Ash colours  would over-power Black yet again. Various items are essential to me for the season are more of a most have.


                              Kenneth Cole Rain Boots

                              Citizen Military Watch

I'm already so crazy about the weather change as you might tell by now because i'm totally not a summer person!
Two things, rain boots and Military Watch. Come rain, come snow. These items are totally durable and give that edgy look with any outfit, from denim and tee-shirts to Blazers and Khaki pants.